Christway Family Ministry

Christway Family Ministry is a ministry for the entire family. It does not matter what your family may look like. We gather together in the sanctuary for a "rally" time and discuss the current topic. Then we break into age appropriate groups for more in depth study. Finally we gather back together for some activities and additional learning and have a bit of fun of doing it. It is a fun and safe environment for the entire family to learn about bible. 

What is Christway Family Ministry all About?


                    WHAT:       Christway Family Ministry

                    WHEN:       Sunday Evenings at 6:00pm

                                       Begins Sunday, January 8, 2023

                    WHERE:     Christway Church, Godfrey, IL

                    WHO:         YOU & Your family members

Christway Family Ministry is designed to help parent(s) learn and strengthen their skills as the discipleship leader(s) of their home and children. Did you know that on average, children spend about 20 hours a year in a small group church setting being taught about Jesus. That’s an average of about 20 minutes per week. That leaves parents with the underlying responsibility of spiritual formation and growth development during the other 87 hours and 40 minutes each week. But you’re not alone!  Christway Family Ministry is here to help.


Here's the breakdown: there are 8,760 hours in a year. Approximately 1,260 of those hours our children spend in school. Another 2,920 of those hours are spent sleeping (8 hours/night). That leaves children with 4,580 hours per year (or 88 hours per week) that they are open to being influenced. This influence can be from family members, friends, games, TV, the internet, books, sports, etc. And the influences our children receive are not all equal, nor do they all provide the spiritual direction our children need to guide them to a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ.


We were created to need Him AND others.

As our culture is working against us in terms of quality time spent with the ones we love, here at Christway we are working to shift the tide. So instead of families having to run from one program to another to grow spiritually – we’ve put together one program for the whole family. Family matters! God’s Word speaks about families and their role in society. Families need to spend quality time together within a larger family unit – laughing, loving, learning, serving, and growing.


So, join us on Sunday Evenings at 6:00 p.m. for Christway Family Ministry! Let’s walk together on this spiritual journey with our families.