we welcome you

We are so happy we will see you soon.

When you enter the building, to your immediate right, is our preschool and children's area. If you would like your child, birth through 2nd grade, to be cared for while you worship, you may leave them with our caring leaders. The older children engage in Bible story activities, crafts, and music. You will be asked to fill out a general information sheet about your child.  All of our workers have had a background check done. So, you can be sure your child is getting the best, most loving care they can receive.

A greeter will greet you and give you an info card you can fill out if you wish. (We will never visit your home without permission or share your info with anyone.) If you choose to fill it out, please place it in the offering basket when it is passed during the offering time.

There is coffee available at the coffee bar. Please feel free to help yourself and bring it into the Worship Center to enjoy during worship. 

At the beginning of the service, there is a time where we greet each other.  It's very informal. You can stay at your seat, or feel free to roam to greet others.

Our worship is led by our worship leader and the praise team. We sing songs of praise that you might be familiar with from Joy FM.  We want you to worship any way that makes you feel comfortable. So, if you want to clap, raise your hand, sing, or just worship silently, please feel free to do so.  That is your private time for your style of worship. We normally stand, but do not feel that is mandatory. Again, do what makes you feel comfortable.

An offering will be taken during the service at some point in time. We do not expect our guests to give, but if you choose to, you can place it in the basket as it is passed through the rows, along with your info card.

At the conclusion of the message, there is a song of reflection. Please feel free to come to the altar to pray (no one will approach you), or if you would like to speak to the pastor about a decision you have made, you can come forward and speak to him at that time. If you want more information about baptism or membership, Pastor Steve can meet with you at your convenience.

After the worship service, the pastor is in the lobby if you would like to meet him. You can pick your preschoolers up in the area you dropped them, and your older children will be waiting for you outside the Worship Center.