Welcome to Christway

Thank you for your interest in Christway Church. We want you to feel at home here as you learn more about us, as well as when you walk through our doors. We are a casual group of people who believe worship should be an enjoyable, uplifting time to worship our Lord together. Please feel free to come as you are. You will find a very casual atmosphere at Christway. Again, welcome and we hope to see you soon.


Coming August 2, 2024...

Starting August 2, 2024, Christway Church, Godfrey, Illinois, will offer a Friday Night Service. We know your time is valuable, and many people work or have events on Sunday morning, so we are offering an alternative to Sunday Morning. After speaking with many in the area, Friday Nights were the most common response. We will still have our normal Sunday Morning worship at 10 a.m. and life group at 9 a.m., along with homegroups throughout the week. We look forward to seeing you there.